About Studfix

Our Studfix clamp was designed to replace corroded, rusted or broken exhaust manifold studs on most Ford trucks and cars. Our part replaces your original stud by sliding over your exhaust manifold’s ear and reattaching your down-pipe and flange back to the manifold, fixing that annoying exhaust leak. Installation requires no redrilling or retapping of manifolds, no removing or reheating old studs and no more c-clamps that are hard to install and prone to falling off.

Since our parts hit the market 6 years ago, more and more exhaust technicians and DIY mechanics have been using it successfully to repair their exhaust manifold problems. It has repaired rusted studs on everything from small cars to chevy RV’s, if a manifold with a broken stud has an ear to hook over, our clamp will work.

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Here is what others have said about our little clamp:

Worked great. Installed it in ten minutes. Garage had quoted $500 to fix it. Said the manifold had to be replaced. Fixed it myself for about $20.

April 1, 2015

Great Solution! Compared to the dealer wanting to replace the exhaust manifold.. and being worried the studs on that may be a problem.. or trying to retap the manifold. this is the ONLY solution. WAY better than C-Clamp solution!

March 31, 2015

This product was easy to install and did exactly what it is supposed to do. I did have to grind off the original (rusty) manifold studs with my dremel tool but then the installation was a breeze. This saved me a ton of money. Great Product !!

April 4, 2015

Great product nice to see made in USA. Great guys to deal with Thanks.

April 1, 2015

Excellent seller, excellent product, works great! Great communication AWESOME!

April 1, 2015