1″ Truck Studfix Kit

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This easy to install truck exhaust manifold stud repair clamp is a great alternative to replacing rusted or broken exhaust studs. The Studfix clamp reattaches your exhaust down-pipe and flange to your manifold by hooking over your manifold’s ear, simply tighten the provided nuts and say goodbye to your noisy exhaust. Installation requires no redrilling, no removing old studs and our clamps are more secure and easier to install than comparable c-clamps.

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68 reviews for 1″ Truck Studfix Kit

  1. Greg Saumon

    It just works. Works great. Saved me at least a $1000 shop bill. I would recommend this to anyone with an older F150.

  2. D E Hovatteron

    easy fix. was very simple to install and easy fix to a harder repair solved the problem with a lot less work
    Had no problem installing glad we found and tried stud fix thanks

  3. jsc140

    It saved me from having to replacing the exhaust manifold.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Worked great. Installed it in ten minutes. Garage had quoted $500 to fix it. Said the manifold had to be replaced. Fixed it myself for about $20.

  5. PAW

    Clamp did the job. I put it on a 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0Lt V6 with a split flange I picked up from Autozone. I would like to see the stud be a higher grade of steel and the price lowered. I was afraid I might over tighten the stud and break it. I’m not sure of the longevity of the product but like I said it fixed the issue for now.

  6. Mr. Just My Opinion

    Used these on a 1998 Ford F150 4.6L to repair rusted off studs on left exhaust manifold. Great product at a fair price. A breeze to install. Hardest part was cutting off the old studs but a 3″ cut off wheel made short work of them. These should work great on any manifold that has a “stud ear” on it.

  7. Karen S. Shepard

    Worked great, saved a lot of $.

  8. Ronald J Stark

    These clamps really took care of a big problem… I would recommend then.

  9. Jeremy

    Your product has the market cornered right now…there will soon be copy cats due to the most easiest fix for that problem I’ve seen in years..well done and worked excellent.

  10. SD71

    Did the trick. Stud rusted out and had these on in no time work great.

  11. Jason Angelan

    Worked great!

  12. Dan McCulough

    Great idea, but didn’t fit a 97 F250

  13. LP

    Good price, fast shipping!

  14. Andrew Dudinsky

    Great Solution! Just a note, make sure they are on good and tight, I mean TIGHT. Or they may get lose, and you will get some exhaust noise. (but then.. just re-tighten them)
    Compared to the dealer wanting to replace the exhaust manifold.. and being worried the studs on that may be a problem.. or trying to retap the manifold. this is the ONLY solution. WAY better than C-Clamp solution!!

  15. Joseph Williamson

    The manifold studs will most usually break and without something like the Stud Fix. Havent installed yet due to weather. However, for the DIY ers out there, this product is a boon to getting the job done, and without complicated tools and equipment. The manifold studs will most usually break and without something like the Stud Fix, you usually were in a lot of trouble. The design is ingenius and I am sure it will work on my truck.

  16. IndianRider

    Great item, buy an extra set for a friend. Great time saver, I wish I had found this product sooner!

  17. Eric Jansenon

    The concept is good and if the exhaust manifolds were as explained they … It really didn’t work. The concept is good and if the exhaust manifolds were as explained they would have worked. These did not have the ears on it that would allow the clamps to affix to it.

  18. Bruce Timbrellon

    as of now I am quite happy. Everything worked as as claimed – it went on in a few minutes and seems to work.

  19. KQuality

    Worked like a charm

  20. Logan

    Good product. Very simple design.

  21. jay

    Great idea easy to use.
    They work well no complaints at all.

  22. Koonhunteron

    Thought the idea was great, but it didn’t work on my truck. Got this for a 1994 f150. Thought the idea was great, but it didn’t work on my truck. Where the bolt goes through, it doesn’t leave enough room for me to tighten it down all the way.
    Not saying this item is bad, but it sure didn’t work for me.
    I ordered this when I had a broken wrist, so I just now got around to using it, and now it’s too late to return it.

    • grant mallory

      Thanks for the feedback! Just return the clamps to the address listed on our “Returns” page and we will refund your purchase.

  23. Shawn Beachon

    I used the 3\4″ ones and they are awesome! The 1″ clamps did not work on my 91 ford Ranger v6 3.0l…I used the 3\4″ ones and they are awesome!

  24. Halowenfrek

    Great product. I used this on a 1998 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4.
    Worked like a charm. Easy to install, and no worrying about all the other hassle of removing manifold to drill out old studs.
    Will purchase again when I have to do the other side.

  25. Keith Kovison

    Very easy to install. Good Quality. Probably saved me a couple hundred dollars.

  26. brian & janie coffey

    Beat the alternative of replacing the manifold. And a lot cheaper

  27. Chartmon

    Great quick service and reasonable price.
    Thank you

  28. Joe S

    Great solution broken exhaust manifold bolt. Great product save me from pulling drilling and tapping the existing exhaust manifolds 2 months in still work perfect

  29. Wayne J MacLeodon

    Don’t over torque. Great concept, however one broke when installing. Do not over torque. It doesn’t take much to snap the bolt. The weld and design are great but the bolt strength is not the best. Tuning truck with one clamp. It’s quieter but would have liked to have had both on.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Simple and well thought out product. Started to stretch a bit when I really tightened it down. Could be made a bit stronger. But my exhuast requires NO exhuast flange gasket which required me to really tighten the clamps. But overall fixed my problem. Works as advertised.

  31. SR

    AWESOME PRODUCT- Broken manifold studs? Buy these and retain your sanity!!!
    If I could rate this 200 stars I would!
    After all four studs broke on my manifolds (while replacing Y-Pipe/Converter assy) The options were always: drill manifolds which means on the car or off. Neither option is good. I am an experienced and advanced DIY guy and knew the options but Googled to see what others do with Ford Explorers do in the situation. I stumbled upon this product.
    Boy am I glad I did!!
    I ordered them on a Saturday and had them Monday- how great is Amazon?!
    Simply follow the instructions and grind off what ever remains from the broken studs. The Stud Fix clamps slips right over the ear of the manifold. I did have to do two simple mods: 1) squeeze the Stud Fix clamp in a vise a bit for a better fit over the manifold ears and 2) grind a notch in one the manifold ears so the clamp doesn’t slide off. Both mods were simple and effective.
    The Stud Fix clamps saved me days of horrific work, lots off busted drill bits, bloody knuckles and cursing.
    Easily one of the best products for repairing a nightmare problem- my hat’s off to Stud Fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rosella Ron

    Worked excellent. Did the job well on my sons old ford pick up.

  33. perch_man

    Worked great on my 98 ford ranger 3.0liter engine. Easy to install and saved me time and money. It only took less than an hour to install.

  34. Mark Mielnicki

    The concept works, but for my 2010 Ford F-150, the front stud on the passenger side exhaust manifolddoesn’t have a good surface to mount to. I had to get creative with a grinder for the clamp to grab on to.

  35. Stephan E.

    2006 f250 1″ works but so will 3/4″. The clamps I bought were the 1″ size. I actually needed the 3/4″ size, but the 1″ also worked. I figured that if it were the other way around I would be fine(2006 f250 5.4l). The clamps work well. My son actually welded one of these 2 years ago when he was learning to weld and we broke the ear off a 2001 f150. These are better than our makeshift one. Exhaust is tight and quiet.

  36. Sean A. Kingon

    I really like the concept. Even though it didn’t fix my issue, I really like the concept.

  37. Bob

    Highly recommended. Excellent product. I was able to fix my exhaust flange by cutting with a sawzall (much easier than hacksaw) and just slide the new clamps right in and tighten the flange down – did not have to remove any other components or the exhaust. This was a 97 F150 – 4.6, but it should work on nearly every vehicle. Make sure you have a deep well socket, 9/16″ I think?

  38. Amazon Customer

    worked good on my 1997 f-150. worked good on my 1997 f-150. maybe you could offer them in stainless steel. i would be willing to pay the extra price

  39. Amazon Customer

    clamps worked extremely well… great product. These worked really well for us. Easy to install and performed as advertised. Used on a 1998 ford F-150 V6 4.2L manifold to exhaust joints (2).
    A well crafted part, made for a specific need – well done, thanks.

  40. George W. Palmeron

    Simple and Excellent product. Installed on 2006 Ford F-150 5.4L

    The only real difficulty I had with installation was getting enough space to cut off the old studs, not a downfall of this product at all.
    You are not guaranteed that the back, pressed portion of your stud will protrude through the flange in order to hook the top of the stud clamp onto.
    You may need to use a screwdriver to prevent the hook from rotating off of the flange as you tighten it.

    I used this product to replace the one stud that I could access to cut, and with some other tweaks was able to solve the exhaust leak that I had at my flange.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Deal with Studfix directly, not with Amazon, you’ll get better service. Deal with Studfix not Amazon. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  42. MR Aonistyon

    These things are stupid, the hardest part is cutting the bolts already on the truck which is nearly impossible. Then after you get that part done, you put these on but the exhaust gets so hot no matter how tight you tighten them they still always come a lose.


    They got the job done!

  44. george belroseon

    Awesome product!!! Installed these on a 98 f150..awesome product.. Easy to install and saved me a pile of money!!:)

  45. Eric Grayon

    Absolutely perfect. 98 Expedition. Clamps went on in 10 minutes, as both studs were already broken, and I yanked the rest of the studs off between the time I ordered this and received it 3 days later. Truck is quiet again.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Work Great. These things are life savers.I would have had to pull the motor to get the old ones out.These work great.

  47. Amazon Customer

    Now i can hear my glasspack. Product very easy to install and did what it is supposed to. I installed it on my 1998 f-150 4 x4 and saved a load of cash. shipping was good and fast. would definetly refer product.

  48. mark T

    good product

  49. Don R.

    Perfect Solution. Worked great, easy install.

  50. Joel Zeinerton

    worked on my friends 1998 ford f150 4.6 saved a lot of time and money

  51. Amazon Customer

    Working exactly as described.

  52. Andrew Ryder

    the 3/4″ ones are the better fit though as I had to weld a 1/4″ … Worked to fix the rotted off studs on my 96 F150 5.0L. If your buying these, the 3/4″ ones are the better fit though as I had to weld a 1/4″ spacer under the top to make up for my forgetfulness to measure first. Having a version that has a 5/8″ gap would work best though and give some play as the Y pipe bracket pulled up tight against the stud bracket, but it re-sealed.

  53. Jay

    Great part. Part worked great as advertised

  54. Amazon Customer

    Worked great no issues at all installed on a 2003 F 150. Big money saver my Mechanic said without them it could turn into a $1,000.00 repair instead 1/2 Hr. with them.

  55. Johnjr860

    Worked great

  56. Amazon Customer

    They actually work. They worked well. Better than I expected they would. I saved alot of money and time using.them. I used them on a 1998 Ford Expedition

  57. Susan

    Couldn’t get it to fit

    • grant mallory

      If for any reason these clamps did not work for you we will refund your order no questions asked. Just send them to our business address with your Amazon/Shipping Name, a note explaining why you would like a refund and we will refund your order in full.
      The Hush Studfix
      173 N. Orchard Island Road
      Russells Point, Ohio 43348

  58. Leah Kayon

    Great thanks!

  59. George D.

    worked out great and didn’t have to buy new manifolds. I used them on my 2001 Ford excursion with V10,worked out great and didn’t have to buy new manifolds.

  60. Amazon Customer

    Did not close the gap enough.

  61. Gwhitebeard

    Worked fine! I installed on a 1998 Ford F150. Worked fine! I installed on a 1998 Ford F150 5.4 engine outside in the winter. I had replaced one manifold several years ago and it is a nasty task due to clearance and rust issues. Only one will fit on this manifold design but it holds fine and took the torque required for a complete exhaust seal. Very pleased with this product. Incidentally I do not fault ford for the rusted studs, after 19 years the only fault is the rest of the truck is in excellent shape!

  62. FixItFrank

    Purchased for a friend. Did the job. He could have used the smaller version. I would recommend this item. Just try to measure the distance you must span, if you can, to get the correct clamp size.

  63. andy

    Worked as advertised good as OEM. Was replacing transmission and and broke bolts on exhaust manifold needed new bolts. Worked as advertised good as OEM.

  64. Alexander Coleon

    Works as they say it does. It worked on my 1998 f150 with the 4.6.

  65. Amazon Customer


  66. Kindle Customer

    Worked great worth every penny. Worked great worth every penny. Tried several times to heat the broken stud with the torch and back it out with vice grips to no avail. This makes it real easy. Comes with detailed instructions and made in USA.

  67. Mike

    2003 Ford Excursion bolt’s rotted so I used the clamp for quick fix. Almost 6 months later holding strong.

  68. David L Toppin

    I’m excited that this solution is out there. Studfix is the name of the company. Saved me a ton of time and headache and I wanted to share. This is a great solution to broken exhaust manifold studs. I used the 1\” on a 1989 F150 with a 5.8 liter 351 cubic inch V8 took about two minutes to put them on and tighten up the exhaust Y pipe. I am leaving this review in hopes it helps someone else easily fix what can be a nasty problem. They make a 3/4\” opening version too. Measure your manifold ears before ordering. Mine were .800. I think it would be nice if they made a 7/8 version and used 7/16 instead of 3/8 studs, but they worked fine and I would expect them to give me no problem in the future.

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